Sunday, November 23, 2008

They aren't drawings...

But they are still representations of my creativity.

These are some items that I knit (and sold) raising money for Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Camp charities.

I really love knitting, and I had a lot of fun messing with these fun patterns and new yarns!

This is a scarf that I made. I couldn't believe it sold IMMEDIATELY! I'm sure it didn't hurt that the scarf was a part of a fundraiser for a very worthy cause, but still!

I'm definitely biased, but it was really pretty in person. It draped really nicely. The colors in it were really striking too, it reminded me of sea glass trapped in a fishing net. I'm making a similar scarf in a red and black yarn, but it's more delicate.

These are fingerless mitts that I made using a basic acrylic yarn. I made a pair of these for myself a few years ago because I worked in a cold office. I refined it after seeing some stuff that other people did, for example adjusting the amount of ribbing around the wrists and the hands


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

B-U-tiful! And now, my dear... you are 'tagged' - see my blog if you wish to participate!

Paula Villanova said...

The scarf was beautiful...I concur...and those soon as I figured out the purpose of fingerless mitts, I found them comfortable and very was easy to type with them on when my hands were cold!